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How to Participate in PUC Dockets

Please review the Puc 200 Procedural Rules and the PUC Practice Guide for details on participating in dockets. (The information may not be up to date - so please review the current rules to assure compliance.)

The OCA would like to offer the following to NH ratepayers:

PLEASE PARTICIPATE. This is your opportunity to make the Commission and the Company aware of any concerns that you may have regarding the Company's service and how you feel about the issue being presented.

WRITTEN COMMENTS. For those who cannot or choose not to appear before the Commission, you may write your comments in the form of a letter addressed to:

Debra A. Howland
Executive Director and Secretary
New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission
21 S. Fruit St, Suite 10
Concord NH 03301

This is acceptable in all forms, i.e. electronic mail at (, U.S. Postal Mail, and facsimile (603-271-3878). Remember to include the docket number of the case you are writing about. To find the docket number, please call either the OCA at 603-271-1172 or the Commission at 603-271-2431. Please also copy the OCA on any and all correspondence.

PREPARE WHAT YOU WANT TO SAY IN ADVANCE. It is helpful to prepare your statement in advance. If you are nervous about speaking in public, you may want to write out your statement and then read it at the hearing.

ADD YOUR OWN EXPERIENCE. As a customer of the utility, you have unique information. When you testify, give specific examples to support the issues that you are addressing. If other customers already have testified about the same issue, you may still mention it since it shows that the issue is not an isolated incident.

SPEAK SLOWLY AND CLEARLY. Your testimony is important and you want to make sure that it is understood.

WRITTEN STATEMENTS. If you have a written statement or other papers that you want to give to the Commissioners as evidence, please bring plenty of extra copies with you.

QUESTIONS. Sometimes one of the parties in the case may want to ask you a question about your testimony. Listen carefully to the question and answer it to the best of your ability. It is okay if you do not know the answer.

ASSISTANCE FROM THE OCA. If you need information about the case or about the procedures for testifying, please feel free to contact the OCA at 603-271-1172. The OCA will be present at all public input hearings in cases where we are a party. Please ask the OCA attorney any questions you may have. The OCA is there to assist the ratepayers.



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