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Tips on Saving Money on your Telephone Bill

Measured Service: Local measured service is a telecommunications service that offers an alternative to flat rate local service. This service may be beneficial to customers that infrequently use their telephone for making calls within their local non-toll calling area. A consumer would have the ability to use only a certain number of minutes per billing period on their telephone. Once the cap has been reached the customer then pays a per usage fee on top of the measured service flat rate. Call your local telephone provider to see if it offers local measured service and if they do ask what options are available and at what rates.

Toll-Free #’s: Use toll free #’s when ever possible. You can call 1-800-555-1212 toll free nationwide to access any listing for their 1-800 number.

Pre-Paid Calling Cards: Pre-Paid Calling Cards tend to have very low per minute costs. Call and compare your provider’s per minute prices to the calling card per minute prices you can find at retail stores. You make the choice.

Protect Yourself: Any time you pick up a telephone to make a collect call, ask the operator what the rates for the call will be. They are required by law to tell you. Always be informed of the charges you may incur when calling outside your environment. In NH, if you are staying at a hotel, hospital, educational institution or similar facility, the rates and charges of the calls must be posted on or by the telephone pursuant to RSA 378:17-c. If they are not posted ask them what the rates and charges are and ask them to post them.

Shop around for the service that fits your needs with a price that fits your budget: See our section on Choosing a Telephone Provider.


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